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四川雅安发生32313133353236313431303231363533e4b893e5b19e313333396633357.0级大地震,作为学生会主席的你,需要给来自灾区的同学写一封慰问信. 1.对该同学表示关心. 2.写明向其捐助金额. 3.提出希望和对其重建家园的信心

四川雅安发生7.0级大地震,作为学生会主席的你,需要给来自灾区的同学写一封慰问信. 1.对该同学表示关心. 2.写明向其捐助金额. 3.提出希望和对其重建家园的信心. 参考范文 Dear friends, I'm awfully sorry to hear that a horrible and severe

Dear My Friend, How are you? Do you want to know about my English study?OK,I will tell you. I study English at Sunday afternoon at two o'clock.I study JianQiao English.And,last Saterday I took part in the Public English Test.I think I can pass.And,

英文慰问信的写作格式,英文慰问信范文 慰问信 (Notes of Sympathy on Illness, Injury and Material loss) 亲友生了病或受了伤,或由于火灾、水灾、被盗等不幸事件蒙受了损失,就应该写封信表示慰问.慰问信要写的真诚,要注意措辞.写慰

MIKe听说Bob因病住院了,他认为Bob应该查出病因.他希望Bob看到他信时已经好多了,并祝他很快痊愈.以MIKe的名义给BOb写封慰问信 Dear Bob, I am very sorry to hear that you are in hospital. I think you must be very sad to stay in hospital.

Dear xxx I am xxx 事情 your's xxx

Dear *; I was sorry to hear that you got hurt in a sudden traffic accident.How are you now?Are you getting any better? I guess you must be very sad now.you must you are the most unlucky one in the world.Never think so!Everyone will come across

Dear MaryAre you better now? We are very concern about you. When we heard you hurt in a car accident, we were sad and some of the girls were full of tears. But luckily you were not badly hurt. We will go and see you after school and please don't

Dear: I feel so sorry to hear that you had a traffic accident and had a bad hurt in it . How are you feeling now ?Is that any better? Don't worry about anything because that you have friends like me who will stay around you,right? Now what you should do

Letters of consolation DearXXX: Travel time, living in your house, and can get you a warm hospitality and help, I feel especially happiness and play are particularly happy, thank your zeal hosting, have the opportunity also come to us some fun! 慰问

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