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last time i went to Mars with my family. we took the space ship and flew there in the morning. we met the alients on mars, they look so weird. they have three eyes and four legs. they have really long hair because it's so cold in the evening that they

想象力作文:我去到火星,发现火星很冷,可是火星人却只穿短裤而且还觉得很舒服;火星人很友善,而且还要求我去参观他们的家,可是在请我吃午餐时,我发现他们的食物竟然是岩石;我决定还是回地球好了. I remembered the day when I

All mankind have moved to Mars.


《作文:火星安家》火星安家 2025年,我终于登上了梦寐以求的火星,开始了火星之旅. 踏上火星,放眼望去,我被眼前的景象惊呆了.一望无际的火星上除了到处是红泥土和山脉,没有一丝绿的生机,更谈不上有任何生物了,一片死气沉沉

One possible version:Dear John Now Tm writing a letter to you on Mars. It's reallywonderful to live on Mars.I think life on Mars is more comfortable and interestingthan that

1、The air in the earth turns more and more worse.2、The prices in the earth are high.3、There are many people doing bad things everyday in the earth.4、It is harmonious in Mars .5、 Mars is a new and clean environment.6、We can learn more knowledge in Mars.

我们几乎无法想象到2100年火星生活会是什么样子的翻译为:It is almost impossible for us to imagine what life would be like on mars in 2100

我在火星上的生活 终于到了火星了! 一个阳光明媚的早晨,我乘着中国发射的飞船来到了火星. 火星导游对我说:“欢迎来到火星,您是第10000个来到火星的人,您将享受我们的五星级待遇!”我跟着她走到了五星级大饭店,没有想到饭店

Reading has two types,one is recreation type,is obtaining a type.Pastime reading like other pastimes,is a human in order to adjust the height of the physical and psychological

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