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请帮忙翻译一下 谢谢!

Please find attached invoice, we'll send the original invoice as soon as your comfirmation about your payment time.英语没有那么多的客套话,一般用please,thanks 就足够了.特别是贸易英语讲究简明扼要,否则会被客人看作是不专业.

dialogues 1 waiter: good afternoon,sir.enjoy your meal.what else can i do? 侍者:下午好,先生.请慢用,还有什么别得能帮您的嘛?customer: is there any fruit offered? 顾客:有什么水果提供吗?waiter: yes.we provide fruit mix of three sorts for

I am really sorry to inform you that due to change of schedule, I am not at office until this Tuesday. I will set off to handle the urgent matters of your at first priority this Tuesday upon my return to the office. Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

sorry, i did not want alienate you, i just don't know what to say, please don't blame me, i'm sorry, everything! "

I know,I know I've let you down我知道,我知道我让你消沉I've been a fool to myself我自己都觉得我是个傻瓜I thought that I could live for no one else我本来以为即使没有其他人我也可以生存But now though all the hurt and pain但在经历了所有的伤心

She is not afraid of being tired, is still making great efforts to insist on. But soon, she has fallen. She does not fear pain, stands up and continues running. She is the fifth place finally, though she has failed, she has already accomplished best, the

1虽天地之大,万物之多,而唯啁翼之知;吾不反不侧,不以万物易蜩之翼,何为而不得!译文:虽然天地很广,事物种类很多,我一心只注意蝉的翅膀;我从不左思右想,绝不因事物纷繁而改变我对蝉翼的注意,(这样专注)做什么事情不能成功呢!2用志不分,乃凝于神,其佝偻丈人之谓乎!译文:运用心志不分散,就是高度集中精神,恐怕说的就是这位驼背的老人吧. 其……乎:恐怕……吧

Yesterday I had a happy bird family, but now I'm flying alnoe. 昨天我还有一家鸟和我在以前,可是现在我是一个人在飞了. People cut down a lat of trees and last night a big fire burnt everything up. 人们砍了很多树然后昨晚放了一场大火把全部的东

DearXX How are you doing? i'm a huge fan of yours from China.i came to know about you in 2008. i think you are very handsome,and especially cool!i love you very very much

You understood me. to my personal, i could accept your 20% not 80% deposit first for your future order after the BL documents. as i told you clearly by the email, we only accpet before shipment which is not started from you but GG. The shipment will

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