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i complicated our lives by falling in love with him i complicated our lives now i'm losing my only friend i don't know why, i had to try living my life on the other side now i'm so confused i don't know what to do he loves me, he loves me not she

t.A.T.u - Show Me Love this was an accident not the kind where sirens soundnever even noticed we ''''re suddenly crunbingtell me how you''''ve never felt delicate or innocentdo you still have doubts that us having faith makes my sensetell me nothing

Show me your love(中文) U-Know&Micky: TVXQ with a new family Super Junior Micky (Rap): The reason why I'm shy because of your blue eyes pure beauty, Don't hide it from my side. You know it is like bling bling ball. Can't stop it even

你的问题编辑中……稍等! 一句一句的对照: I complicated our lives 我打乱了我的生活 By falling in love with him 因为爱上了他 I complicated our lives 我弄乱了我的生活. Now I'm losing my only friend 现在我失去了我唯一的朋友 I don't know

他不爱我 Love Me Not我让我们的生活变得复杂因为我爱上了他我让我们的生活变得复杂我失去了我唯一的朋友我不知道为什麽 我必须试一试让生活重新来过现在我手足无措我不知道该怎麽辨他爱我 他不爱我她爱我 她不爱我他爱我 他不爱我他


T.a.t.u. - I Went CrazyI've lost my mind我已经丧失理智I need her我须要她I've lost my mind我已经无法思考I need her我须要她I'm completely lost, absolutelyseriously我已经彻底的,完全的,严重的迷失Situation help, situation SOS请帮助,情况危急

i complicated our lives,by falling in love with him 爱上了他,打乱了我们的生活 i complicated our lives 打乱了我们的生活 now i am losing my only friend 现在,我正失去了我唯一的朋友 i do not know why 我不知道为什么 i had to try,living my life on

Show me your love 歌词 (中文版) Yeah~what a sweet time TVXQ with the new family Super Junior 希澈:看著美丽的雪花 想起小时候的棉花糖 能回忆起跟她们在一起的幸福时光 在中:深藏著的她心 现在可以看清 成民:电话簿里的人当中谁我

歌曲名:Show Me Love歌手:T.A.T.U.专辑:200 km/h In the Wrong Lane: 10th Anniversary EditionTatu - Show Me LoveThis was an accidentNot the kind where sirens soundNever even noticedWe're suddenly crumblingTell me how you've never

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