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50首全球最值得听的、最好听的英文歌 重点是第四首Dying in the sun 1. don't cry 这首歌曾唱哭了千万人.总是能够触痛了心底最软的地方,心抽痛着,眼圈红了,却没有眼泪渗出,每多听一次就多一次的依恋 2.fade to black--METAllic

最伟大的100首Hip-Hop单曲 Eminem is at #10 with "Stan", #50 with "The Way I Am" and #94 with "The real slim shady" and 50 Cent is @ #29 with "In Da Club" , Heres the full list: 1, White Lines (Don't Do It) - Grandmaster Flash & The

emilie simon - chanson de toile(静的不能再静)-----------不要和它比安静hayley - never say goodbye 纯净的天使声音(优雅)不要和它比优雅winter in my heart - before(甜蜜)不要和它比甜蜜经典英文 以吻封缄

给楼主推荐一些英文儿歌,在100首当中挑出来的,都是欢快的经典之作,希望楼主能够喜欢!1. Mockingbird 2. London Bridge 3. Bingo 4. Clementine 5. Red River Valley 6. Row row row your boat 7. Ding Dong Bell 8. Just for you 9. You are my

1. I m With You <Avril Lavigne> 2. Queen Of My Heart <Westlife(西城男孩)> 3. Holy Virgin <Groove Coverage(舞动精灵)> 4. If You Had My Love <Jennifer Lopez(珍妮弗.洛佩兹)> 5. Round Round <Sugababes(甜心宝贝)> 6. My Love <

No.1 It's a small world 美丽小世界 (经典儿歌,被翻译成各国语言) No.2 Ten Little Indians 十个印第安小男孩 (歌词超简单,学数数的时候学的) No.3 Row, row,row your boat 小船摇啊摇 (歌词超简单,节奏很可爱) No.4 In the good, old

Ashlee simpson <Catch me when I fall> ,<L.O.V.E>Avril<I will be> <innocence> <not the only one> <one of those girls> <runaway> <the best damn thing> <When You Are Gone>Britney spears<amnesia> <blur> <circus> <gimme more> <lace and

1 Baby Justin B 2 Bad Romance Lady GaG 3 Tik Tok Ke$ha 4 telephone Lady Gag 5 Beautiful Akon 6 poker face lady gag 7 Right Now Akon 8 Rude Boy Rihanna 9 One Time Justin B 10 Need You Now Lady Ant 11 Just Dance Lady

1. lonely 2. hero 3. yesterday 4. yellow 5. complicated 6. my love 7. all rise 8. thank you 9. big big world 10. one love 11. casablanca 12. baby one more time 13. here i am 14. because of you 15. yesterday once more 16. right here waiting 17. in the

Apple 苹果A B C Abc歌Cradle Song 摇篮曲Good Night 晚安Went To School One Morning 早上我去上学Smile 微笑Ding Dong Bell 叮咚钟Fly Fly Butterfly 蝴蝶飞Sleeping 睡觉Round The Way 日以继

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