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”喜欢做某事“ 日常生活中我们可以用:"enjoy doing sth "、"have a great for doing sth",当然也可以用简单的 "like doing sth";如果要较书面一些,可用 "take pleasure in doing sth"

like doing sth

你好!喜欢作某事Enjoy doing sth.

Love to do something like to do something prefer to do something enjoy doing sth like doing sth

like/love/enjoy doing sth.be keen on doing sth.be fond of doing sth.

a special case enough fast a place that interesting indeed need somebody to do something find gifts for my friends i'm confident children's clothes shop need help in English children in poor place more books cry with hands on the belly teach their

喜欢做某事:enjoy doing sth like doing sth. be keen on sth.

a special event; quickly enough; someplace of real interest to go ;need sb to do; find a gift for my friend;i have confidence; a shop for children's wear;need help in english learning; children of poor areas; more books; cry with hands covering stomach;

like to do/doing sthenjoy doing sthtake pleasure in doing sthbe fond of take to doing sth喜欢上做某事

加一个 love doing sth like to do sth

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