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结尾段:再次表示感谢. 必背模版句型如下: thanks again for your kind help.对你的帮助再次表示感谢. my true gratitude is beyond any words description.任何语言都不能表达我的真挚谢意. please accept my thanks, now and always.请永远

你好,love是表示爱你的,约翰.表结束语.Miss you and dad.是句子.满意请速速采纳,谢谢合作!

i am very grateful to express my thanks for your help. your kindness impressed me much .i really hope i can have the chance to treat you at my home.

开头 I'm writing on behalf of……to inveite you to……(邀请信) I'm writing to apply for……(求职信) I“m writing to you in the hope that I may abtain an opportunity to……(申请信) I am writing to ask if you can do me a favor to……(求助信) 通用结尾 Best wishes to you!/ Looking forward to hearing from you! 望采纳


A letter to my parents Dear Mom and Dad, [1] I love you! I love you with all my heart! This letter to you is to tell you my true feelings from the bottom of my heart. [2] Thank you so much for bringing me up! Thank you so much for raising me. I know how

thank you for your help

The thankful great universe provides the environment of existence for us and give us sunlight, air, water and everything in keeping with we existence of space, bring storm to let us accept to toughen for us, bring to us mysterious let us look for. The

thank you for the raise / salary increase hi [boss' name], just wanted to thank you for the pay increase. i enjoy working at [company name] and truly appreciate your confidence and support. regards, ---------------------------------------- thank you on boss'

一般就是Dear, 除非写给不认识的人,那用 Dear Sir/Madam, 或者 To whom it may concern,.Yours, Yours Sincerely, Yours Faithfully, 没什么大区别可以互相替代,只是字面意思有略微不同但是从风俗习惯的角度而言是没有区别的,Yours 相对

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