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Mr.Smithde I am li ping.Thank you for donating me some books ang money.I has made a lot of progress by my teacher help.My teachers says you did a great job.My parents also think i am very good.They want me to get better results.And i decide to

Dear sir : I am very glad that you are my teacher,You are one of the best teachers who I know .there are many good points what we should learn from you,such as kindness,patience,humor and so on.please forgive me that I had made so many

Dear xiaoming, I am writing to express my apreciation to you for your generous help of offering me accommodation during Olympic Games. When I ask for help to you that I was giong to beijing for watching Olympic Games that hold in beijing,but I

Dear Jane, i'm home.this journey was very successful.Cau's you and your husband helped me a lot. i didnt have o worry about what to eat and where to live.you both solved those problems perfectly.i'm really appriciate it.you know, i was there for the

What does family mean? It means Father And Mother, I Love You. Thank you, father. For you broke the habit of smoking when mother was pregnant. You began to smoke when you was thirteen. But you gave up it for the health of mother and I. Thank

Appreciate teacher me will appreciate mother, because her have gone through innumerable hardships me tape arrive this one in the world; I will appreciate papa, because him is a well-known set actually " humorous god ", have brought me

thank you for so many years of my education and training, ignorance of the past, I always Jalan you angry, but now I grow up, self-reliance, and I feel that I should not be so naive, and her mother, I will work hard Learning, you will not live up to my

I am writing this letter to thank you for you warm hospitality accorded to me and my delegation during our recent visit to your beautiful country.

Dear Mr Smith, Thank you for your offer inviting me to the free summer English course in your shool. As one of the victors of this competition, I feel it is my honor to be invited to have such a free course to learn more about the British Histoy and

dear teacher: I am just writing to say thank you.thank you for teaching us things we need to learn, thank you for being there for us when we have any problems, thanks for your devotion and willingness to help us, thank you for the love you've shown to

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