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记的给我加分俄!e68a843231313335323631343130323136353331333234323736 I am adding to do TIGO of wireless get to the Internet card, the operator started recruiting a lot of customers in April, declaring 100,000 fill ground to hire by the

Dear ______, ①I am ______(自我介绍). ②I feel bad to trouble you but I am afraid that I have to make a complaint about. ③The reason for my dissatisfaction is ______(总体介绍). ④In the first place, ______(抱怨的第一

1 Directions: Write a letter to a store, making a complaint about its delivery. You should write about 100 words on ANSWER SHEET Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “Wang Hua” instead. Do not write the address. Dear

Dear Sir/Madam,I am writing to comlain about a Microcomputer I purchased from your company.I purchased a computer from your company on 05/07/2010 and it was delivered by your company to my house on 08/07/2010. When we opened the box,

Dear Madam or Sir, On July 16 my friends and I arrived at your inn, hoping to spend an enjoyable weekend. Before we checked in, we noticed that the title of the hotel's ad: "Have a good time or get your money back". However, the slogan later

Dear Sir or Madam, I used to be a faithful customer of your shopping center for the past years and most of the time i enjoy my experiences of shopping here.However,today i wae irritated by one of your salesman. Today,i was trying to choose some

英文投诉信格式及范文如下: dear ______, ①i am ______(自我介绍). ②i feel bad to trouble you but i am afraid that i have to make a complaint about. ③the reason for my dissatisfaction is ______(总体介绍). ④in the first place, ______(

额,这个行吗 a complaining letter 投诉信 Dear Sir, 亲爱的先生:I am writing to let you know the deplorable attitude of one of your staff member.I received my telephone bill for the previous month from you and thought there were some errors in

I would like to make a request on room change in this hostel. The main reason I want a room transfer because I prefer a quiet environment to study. Since my roommate's friend visit her often, they used to be very noisy, which distracted me from

I spent 150 Yuan buying a handbag in your company, but I found there's something wrong of the zipper when I got home. I hope your company could help to change or repair it for me. Thank you and waiting for your answering!阐述拉链不能用的事实并要求厂方更换或维修,并等待回复.不过可能不算投诉信吧, 这个问题不大, 应该协商解决就可以了,O(∩_∩)O~ Good luck to you!

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