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知识产权[zhī shi chǎn quán][名]intellectual property right ;

知识产权intellectual property right 双语对照 复制双语结果知识产权[zhī shi chǎn quán]名intellectual property right

“知识产权” Intellectual property英 [prpti] 美 [prpti] n. 特性,属性; 财产,地产; [戏]道具; 所有权;

inteligence property

知识产权intellectual property对外贸易foreign trade 进口配额import figures 出口配额export figures 风险投资venture capital; risk investment进出口权import/export right

1、Intellectual property rights overview and basic knowledge of the patent law 2、Patent application procedures and skills 3、Patent application documents prepared

知识产权 intellectual property right;

知识产权 [名] intellectual property right; [例句]随着公司向知识产权公司转型,其业务规模显著下降.There was a significant decline in the size of the business as the company transitioned to an intellectual property company.

“侵犯知识产权”的英文翻译英语为:infringement of intellectual property rights 望采纳

"B of the main delivery of the equipment and its parts and components and software, and so on, must be a third party can not be based on industrial or other intellectual property rights or demands that any of the items. If the Party in the course of

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